client testimonials

"Working with Brooke gave new meaning to the ‘less is more’ saying. Once you work with her, and have less, you will realize how much MORE you have—space, sanity, time. We no longer feel like we are bursting at the seams with our growing family in our cozy abode. It will also be less overwhelming to list our house when the time comes, because it is always show ready! Definitely an amazing experience that I’ve recommended to several others."

"There is no mess too big or too small for Brooke. She has now completed most of my medical office restructuring, and so far we have taken eight 30-gallon trash bags to the shredders and several loads to the dumpster. I could never have done it myself. She is totally confidential, diplomatic, reliable, and professional. She gets my highest recommendation.”

"The wardrobe management spreadsheet is making my life MUCH easier and I also feel good about what I'm wearing each day (and wearing all things I already owned!) Working with Brooke on this project has helped me branch out and pair things that I wouldn't normally put together on my own."

“After losing my sister, I felt like I HAD to keep everything that belonged to her, even things of little or no sentimental value, until I worked with Brooke. We made a memory box of the most valuable items and items that captured the essence of her being. Her other belongings were sorted: some items handpicked for close friends and relatives, and others donated to local people in need. The process was truly one of healing – one that I could feel good about and know my sister would approve of. I consider myself truly blessed to have had Brooke's guidance through that.”

"Brooke takes organization to a whole new level! By the end of our two-day project, we had piles for donation, piles for repair, and piles for sale. Plus, Brooke’s process enabled me to save money on baskets, totes, and storage containers, because as we cleaned things out, I suddenly had empty containers! I would have spent hundreds of dollars on the containers alone had I done this project without Brooke."

“I have the desire to be organized, but not the ‘gene,’ so I hired Brooke. She completed my entire to do list within a week - every closet, drawer, and cabinet has been cleaned out, purged, and organized. It is so nice to know exactly what I have and where it is! I love to entertain, and it is so much easier now that everything is clutter free!”

"Brooke helped make our out-of-state move more manageable and cost-effective, while also getting our house ready to sell, and creating room for our baby on the way. Brooke involved my skeptical husband in the process, and all of his uncertainties were quelled when we had less to move. He was even able to claim space in our walk-in closet, which was formerly overwhelmed by my mostly unused collection of clothes! I am a firm believer in what Brooke does, and I know that just about anyone, even a self-proclaimed ‘neat freak’ like me, can benefit in unexpected ways from her valuable service!"